Lightning Prevention Systems, Inc has set the standard in our industry by using advanced installation techniques along with high quality products. LPS installs lightning protection equipment on commercial, industrial, & residential structures. We utilize, National Fire Protection Association, Lightning Protection Institute, and Underwriters Laboratories standards. Our installers are trained to provide neat inconspicuous installations while maintaining maximum function. Each of our field workers are certified by the lightning protection institute & OSHA safety trained. Our installers have the experience to tackle any type of structure or mogul that may occur in order to provide a functional UL listed system. Our installations are coordinated with architects and our engineering department for the structure to receive a life long system with the highest quality in materials and workmanship while not interfering with the aesthetics of the structure.


LPS offers complete design  of lightning protection equipment based on the standards set forth by Underwriter's Laboratory and the National Fire Protection Association. Our design department uses the above-mentioned standards to design lightning protection systems for residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Our design department also works closely with building owners, architects, engineers and our own installation crews to ensure that the system is efficiently designed. By following the standards and working closely with our customers we are able to provide a well-designed, functional system aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive . Our design team also takes into consideration the particular construction of each structure that we design systems for. We use great care to ensure that the materials used on each system are specifically designed to be compatible with the construction materials on each structure and are also suitable to the local environment.


LPS installs a full line of structural lightning protection equipment & surge protection for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. All of our products are made from the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our products meet strict quality assurance procedures, are UL listed, and meet all applicable codes & standards to perform to specification and provide many years of worry free service.

Testing & Inspections

LPS offers inspections & testing on existing LP systems. UL & LPI certifications are valid for 5 years and require an on inspection to re certify the structure. Our onsite inspections can be set up per your level of requirements & applications. Our services range from a UL or LPI re -certification to an annual test plan that includes continuity and ground resistance tests. Drawings are created to identify components on the structure and the results are documented in a spreadsheet.  Inspection and maintenance are key elements to a functioning lightning protection system.